Tuesday, 6 February, 2007…


The show is becoming more exciting with each day. We sense an
enormous interest on the part of the press, even a kind of hunger.
People know its a burning issue, the digirevolution, and crave for
some kind of understanding of it. Setting it up, the Hewlett Packard
technicians have been fantasticy helpful. I don’t know how we could
have done it without them, or the equipment they’ve so generously let
us have. As Adrien and Matthias said on the radio tonight, the show
isn’t about technology, but technology is an important given in the
situation, and we had to focus on it to a basic extent as well as
with the images.

It’s not a show, its an experiment. It’s a thrill to be riding a
wave and seeing where it takes us. The museum won’t be quite the same
after this, and it’s for the better. Museums have to shed their old
skins or they will become irrelevant. It’s surprising to think no one
else has attempted what we are attempting. Tell us if we are wrong,
and someone has!

Last day of preparation tomorrow, with still much detail work to
do, and then the hordes will arrive!

–William A. Ewing


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