A Danish cellphone scandal


danish cellphone scandal

Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet and UK paper Metro are reporting on a new cellphone scandal out of Denmark.

According to the newspapers, a group of high school students has used cellphones to film an annual strip tease competition held in front of, and judged by, teachers. The circulation of the footage has created an outcry from school authorities.

The video was posted to Youtube, taken down, and has been made available in its original form on infamous swedish bittorent tracker The Pirate Bay.

8 Responses to “A Danish cellphone scandal”

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    […] A Danish cellphone scandal [image] Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet and UK paper Metro are reporting on a new cellphone scandal out of Denmar […]

  2. Lexi Says:

    Everyone enjoyed it, according to what I’ve seen and read, so what’s the problem. It’s cool that European countries have an up to date attitude about kids, nudity and sex. How stupid is it in America when soceity has a 1950’s attitude about kids and sex and puts adults in JAIL for it. The Danish attitude about kids stripping in school, all I can say is….BRING IT ON!

  3. Sharma Says:

    Decadent people of decadent moral-less culture. Paedophile teachers prying on young children, and people enjoying it. Something is wrong with Danish society and value system. Aren’t schools supposed to be for learning? Or are they giving lessons to become prostitutes?
    Shame on Demark and Shame on people who promote kids-porn.

  4. Lexi Says:

    This a typical response from someone who knows NONE of the facts and is just talking from emotion. First, the “decadent” Danes have LESS rapes and sex crimes per capita than America. Maybe because they’re open with each other about sex & nudity? Schools are for learning and this was at the END of the school year, so class time wasn’t being wasted. Secondly, you go from calling them “young” children (actually 15-18 yr olds) to calling them prostitutes. Nice “values”, Sharma. Shame on you for being such an un-informed moron about Denmark, Danish culture, and kids. Open a book once in a while instead of stating your feelings as fact!

  5. bobby chauhan Says:

    well,dear fellows, you both (sharma & lexi) are right in your aspects, i beleive sharma being from indian culture would but natrually will be astonished with all this issue hence he has given such a remark, as in our country(iam an indian too) we are not allowed to talk about sex in public,but my dear sharma,isnt it the fact that just because of this reason we have a much higher ratio of kids being molested and raped for sex than in any other country? see dear friend,its the matter of different cultures of different countries,what we have we should respect and what others have , if we want to be with the world then we should learn it also .after all it depends upon oneself whether he wants to accept it or not—i dont think we should point our fingers at others when we ourselves are too deep into it .
    and above all sharma —dont you think we are the ones who bought sex openly into this world ? gimme a break man? we litrally have temples showing all the sex positions in our country ? so why point towards others?

    and those temples were made ages ago,now whats the hassle ? when people want to live with their culture ? i dont find it bad at all ! it is just a matter of your views and others.

    the best thing i liked abt all this issue was tht atleast they are open minded abt all this ,just not like us —we have built secret gardens with unfulfilled fantasies–in our minds .we all(indians) crave for some more fun in the matter of sex but never want to let it out —come on dear friend—the world is changing– and remember ,the main job of every living thing is to reproduce ! why cant we ever understand this —sigh!!!!!!!

  6. jt Says:

    Mother: How was School.
    Daughter: I stripped.
    Mother:Thats great ,you are finally taking interest in extra curricular activities.This will really help you make new friends.

  7. mhack Says:

    luv it!

  8. ljlkjd Says:

    I am from Egypt Arab our religion says that man should Aekshv of his body from below the knee to the stomach

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