internet pornography statistics… revealed.


3 Responses to “internet pornography statistics… revealed.”

  1. jez Says:

    I wonder…is this a critical look at our society? Is it meant to shock the public by revealing, that we (or at least a sizeable number of internet users) are dirty perverts? Is it an advertising campaign for a certain magazine or for a certain pron site? Both?
    What is the purpose of this video?!

  2. allphotographers Says:

    All of the above?

    Most of all, it’s interesting to see some real numbers concerning internet porn — rather than the assumed, reflexive, and ultimately imaginary “98% is porn” idea.

  3. tomé Says:

    Already knew. Instant classic.

    The figures really didn’t surprise me at all. Actually if it’s true that teenagers think about sex every 4 seconds I’d say those figures are quite shy.

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