Sad news from JPG magazine


From Derek Powazek’s blog:

Unfortunately, issue 10 will be the last one that Heather and I will have a hand in. We are no longer working for JPG Magazine or 8020 Publishing.

[this is bad] [this might be offensive]


2 Responses to “Sad news from JPG magazine”

  1. adrien cater Says:

    I can’t imagine how much this must hurt for Derek. He put his heart into JPG, and to be pushed out like this must be devastating.

    I can’t see how this can’t not be the end or at least the end as we know it of JPG. It’s a community, and hijinks like this don’t go over well in a community.

    It’s a sadness beyond sad which can only be brought about by the stupidity of others.

    Derek & Heather: take the chihuahuas out for a walk, get a few smiles from random strangers, and start cracking on the next project. You did a great job with JPG, be proud.

  2. Phone Says:

    This is truly sad news. But I agree, this cannot be the end.

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