NYT: Snapshots That Do More Than Bore Friends


Snapshots That Do More Than Bore Friends

Few sentences in the English language are more dreaded than this seemingly innocent offer: “Oh, I must show you the pictures from my vacation.” … But, of course, those very same shots can be extremely useful when researching your own trip. How big is that pool? What, exactly, does the room at that five-star hotel you’re thinking of booking look like? What’s the crowd like at the so-called hot restaurant? It’s good to have documented evidence from someone who has been there.


One Response to “NYT: Snapshots That Do More Than Bore Friends”

  1. Ryan Gallagher Says:

    And it’s exactly those vacation snapshots, uploaded to services like flickr. As individually boring as they might be to the public, combined are somehow greater than the sum of the parts. Leading to the research by the Graphics and Imaging Lab at the University of Washington called “Photo Tourism”, eventually partnering with Microsoft to create a demo product, and promising big things in terms of virtually navigating our world. They are tapping into exactly these usefulness aspects of snapshots, but broadly, and to everyone… in a cohesively navigable, geospacial, three-dimensional way.

    Definitely an emergent topic, and the article failed to mention these latest developments.


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