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A Danish cellphone scandal

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

danish cellphone scandal

Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet and UK paper Metro are reporting on a new cellphone scandal out of Denmark.

According to the newspapers, a group of high school students has used cellphones to film an annual strip tease competition held in front of, and judged by, teachers. The circulation of the footage has created an outcry from school authorities.

The video was posted to Youtube, taken down, and has been made available in its original form on infamous swedish bittorent tracker The Pirate Bay.


Eva Leitolf

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Eva Leitolf - After War

Equestrian Monument, Windhoek

Eva Leitolf’s Rostock Ritz is a fantastic book, titled after a hunting range in Namibia, a former German colony. It’s one of the most intelligent examinations of post-colonialism and the theatralization of history i’ve come across.

In her own words : One hundred years after the genocide of the Herero and Nama by German colonial forces in the former colony of German South-West Africa (1885-1915), Rostock Ritz takes a look at the culture of remembrance of the Herero and the self-image of Namibians of German origin in their everyday lives.

The 23 photographs cast a wry light on ideas of homeland and identity, and open up insights into a society permeated by insecurity and prejudice.”

I hope we can get this in the Tillburg show, or maybe add it to the current one.

You can visit her site here, there is work on racist crimes in Germany, as well as mid-90’s Beirut, where the first image is from (the second one is from Rostock Ritz).